REF-FM Kyangwali

REF-FM Kyangwali 102.6 MHz

We are a community-based radio station in Kyangwali, one of the bigger refugee settlements in Uganda. Our station is run by and for refugees and host communities, with the aim to help inspire them to become active and self-reliant members of their communities.

  Your Story, Our Voice  

REF-FM Kyangwali 102.6 is brand new, with big ambitions!  We aim to have a dozen of aspiring crew members, thousands of followers on social media, and tens of thousands of listeners, within a few months after our start. We bring positive information that is about society, life and opportunities. We are family & we are here to stay … And to grow rapidly!


The current Kyanwali Refugee Settlement was opened in the 1960' as a refugee camp for mainly refugees from Rwanda. Lateron followed by refugees from mainly Congo and (South) Sudan, and some other nationalities. The population of the settlement has now reached over 125,000.  Our radio station aims to serve these refugees and their host communities.


We are the only radio station for miles around focussing only and exclusively on refugees and host communities. With a potential listenership of more than 125,000, we offer unique opportunities to reach out to the vast and so far untapped reservoir of people in Kyangwali and beyond who strive for a more peaceful and better life.

REF-FM Kyangwali 102.6 was initiated by the Dutch based REF FM FOUNDATION and the international NGO Action Africa Help International (AAH). The station is regulated by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and is supervised by the Kyangwali based local NGO HAF-Uganda. 

Visit our studios in Kasonga Basecamp (container area) of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.
Contact our Studio line: 0777505348 Contact our Sales line:  0785953537
And/or send us an email to: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Other members of the REF-FM family

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